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Final campaign push in North Carolina as Election Day nears

Early voting ended statewide in North Carolina Saturday. Now, all eyes are set on Election Day, November 3.
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Black man holding vote button on blue background for the November elections in the United States 2020,

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s crunch time for candidates, with just days of campaigning left before Election Day 2020. North Carolina is considered a big battleground state, and both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have been holding several campaign events in the Tarheel State.

Saturday, US Senator Thom Tillis made a pitch to voters in the Queen City.  

“We’re doing a lot of work and we’ve got a lot more work to do,” Tillis said at the campaign event.

Senator Tillis held an event on Freedom Drive in Charlotte Saturday, accompanied by former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who took shots at Tillis’ opponent Cal Cunningham. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden was also in Charlotte Saturday for a drive-in rally, joined by actress and comedian Amy Schumer. 

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“I can see in your eyes that we are all feeling the same way, we are ready,” Schumer said. “We are ready for the sun to come out again.”

At the rally, Jill Biden took aim at President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus. 

"He says that this virus has turned a corner, instead he has turned his back on us," Jill Biden said.

Also in North Carolina, Vice President Mike Pence was in Rocky Mount criticizing the idea of a Joe Biden presidency. 

“Joe Biden will lock down the American economy if he gets in the White House,” Pence said. “Your schools are going to be closed again, your churches will be closed again, your small businesses will all be shuttered.”

Pence also laid out the future the Trump campaign sees for the country. 

“We’re going to chart a course for our children and our grandchildren," Pence said. "Build on our great American heritage of faith and family and freedom.”

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Jill Biden painted the president’s actions in stark contrast, though.

“Donald Trump wants to tell you a story about this country that truth doesn’t matter, that decency doesn’t matter,” Jill Biden said. “He wants us to believe that that’s who we are — hateful and divided and angry, but he’s wrong isn’t he Charlotte?”

Early voting ended statewide in North Carolina Saturday. Now, all eyes are set on Election Day, November 3.