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Why Democrats think they have the secret to turning Texas blue

Democrats are targeting Texas and are focusing on one group.

HOUSTON — So why do Democrats think they know the secret to flipping Texas blue?

Turning Texas from a reliably red state has come up the last few election cycles, but predictions of a blue wave sweeping over the Lone Star State have proven to be a pipe dream.

Probably not surprising since in the past the Democratic Party has dedicated very little time and money to the project. In some election cycles they haven’t even bothered to run a candidate against some prominent Republicans. But all that is starting to change.

According to the New York Times, in Texas, Republicans had a margin of victory in 2020 of 631,000 votes. And for Democratic groups the key to covering the spread comes down to one important demographic – young voters.

Now, they are spending millions of dollars in Texas targeting close to two million young voters.

If they can get just a third to turn up and vote Democrat, it would be enough to overcome that Republican margin.

And they might have a chance.

Texas is the second largest state in the country with a population that is one of the youngest and most diverse, according to census data.  But some election watchers and Republicans scoff at the idea.

The GOP continues to outraise and outspend their Democratic counterparts across the state.

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