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People are deleting their friends using the Marie Kondo method and only keeping those who 'spark joy'

Being selective about the people and pages you follow will keep your Facebook feed full of joy

That pile of five-year-old magazines under the coffee table probably does not “spark joy.” This means Marie Kondo, of the hit Netflix show ‘Tidying Up,’ would recommend you get rid of it.

Now some people are taking the same approach to their social media feeds.

Have a former coworker who just won’t stop talking politics? If he or she doesn’t “spark joy,” it may be time to tidy up and delete them from your friends list.

While Marie Kondo’s methods are meant to get you to clear the clutter in your home, many are finding that her approach can be used digitally.

Entrepreneur.com writes it’s time to tidy up your phone and delete all those apps you never use (after all, they could be impacting your battery, data and privacy.) Get rid of all those red notification icons by getting caught up on your messages and alerts (this means it's time to delete all those promotional emails you've been ignoring).

And probably the wisest tip of all: Only follow social media accounts that spark joy.

No, you don’t have to totally “unfriend” those family members or friends who make you frown. You could simply “unfollow” offending people or pages so they are none the wiser.

"Being selective about the people you surround yourself with is important for your health and self-care, and that extends far beyond who is in your friend group," writes Amanda McKelvey for Popsugar. "Now, my feed fills me with joy when I see my friends post about their vacations, my family with their partners, bloggers whose outfits I draw inspiration from, and fitness accounts that motivate me instead of beat me down."

“Ohhh yes I just deleted 2 on mine just so I don’t have to hear the drama on politics and negativity,” commented Yamile P.

“I block, not delete. My block list reads like a novel,” posted Brandy Z.