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Never Buy These Items Second Hand

You should also take your phone with you to yard sales and second hand stores to make sure the item you're buying has not been recalled.

Spring - tis the season for yard sales. And getting a good deal on second-hand clothes, toys and kid items. But before you celebrate snagging the deal on that $14 car seat, 2 Wants To Know has a warning about used kids products.

Thousands of dangerous, even deadly, kids' products are sold second-hand after they're recalled.

An early model Bumbo was recalled because children were seriously injured or killed after falling out of it. Later models began including a seat belt.

If you're browsing online, Ebay and Amazon both use technology that blocks people from selling recalled items. But sites like Craigslist only have policies in place which means recalled items can slip through the cracks.

If you're at a yard sale or consignment store, experts say avoid buying items children can fall out of. And stay away from choking hazards like small toys and wires.

Experts warn to never buy a car seat second hand. For one thing – car seats have expiration dates. Look for it. Car seats often expire after six years. And you never want to use a car seat after it's been in an accident. The folks at the yard sale might not let you in on that information.

Only buy cribs manufactured after June 2011. That's when new safety standards went into effect and cribs are required to have a date on them.

You can also check to see if an item you're about to purchase has been recalled on the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website.

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