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Dad threw his baby daughter to her death from balcony before killing family dog: Las Vegas MPD

The man also allegedly started a fire in the family's apartment before fleeing the scene.
Credit: Las Vegas MPD via KLAS-TV
Clarence Martin Jr., Las Vegas man accused of killing infant daughter

LAS VEGAS — A father in Las Vegas is facing multiple serious charges after a domestic altercation led to his daughter’s killing, police say.

The crime happened Saturday, Oct. 24, after 3 a.m., according to a press release from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

A 911 caller reported a man, now identified as 32-year-old Clarence Martin Jr., had thrown a 2-month-old infant from a balcony. Officers arrived and saw the suspect fleeing but could not stop him. They also found the mother performing CPR on the injured child.

Investigators learned Martin had an argument with his girlfriend, and he became so angry he threw their two-month-old from a second-story balcony. The infant’s mother ran outside to call for help and check on that child. Martin then started a fire in the apartment and killed the family’s dog, investigators say.

The infant was transported to Saint Rose Sienna Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Martin was apprehended later at the airport after being involved in a collision.

He was hospitalized and “booked in absentia for Open Murder, Animal Cruelty and Arson,” stated Las Vegas MPD.

Police did not officially release the name of the victim or her mother.

CBS affiliate KLAS later reported the woman told investigators she was warned about the man’s mental health years ago, early on in their relationship. She said she had never seen any problems until a few days prior to the attack. She also noted the suspect had stopped eating in the days prior.

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