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IRS: Watch out for these scams

The IRS is shining a light on the big scams of 2022.

The IRS is shining a light on the big scams of 2022. You might be familiar with some of them, but the IRS reports that many Americans are still falling for them.

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If someone claiming to be from the IRS contacts you by text, call or online, don’t give them any information. It’s a scam and they’re probably trying to get your social security number or bank account information.

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If you’re looking for a job or hoping to change jobs, be careful with social media posts about employment. Be suspicious of anyone asking for personal info right off the bat. On top of stealing your personal information, the scammers might also try to file a fake tax return to get your refund.

When bad things happen in the world, you might feel called to donate. Before giving, do your research. Get the exact name and address for the organization and look it up. Also, don’t wire money or give gift cards to someone claiming to be with a charity. Scammers like to get paid that way not legitimate organizations.

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There are many other scams to look out for. To find out more on these scams and others, visit the IRS' website.

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