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Murderer serving 84-years-to-life in Calif. prison released over coronavirus fears: report

A convicted killer has been set free as California tries to reduce the spread of COVID-19 behind bars, reports CBS Sacramento.
Credit: Yolo County DA’s Office
Terebea Williams was serving time in prison when she was released over COVID-19 concerns

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A convicted killer was recently set free as California attempts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 behind bars, reported CBS Sacramento.

The family of the murder victim is furious over the decision.

Terebea Williams, 44, was sentenced to 84 years-to-life in prison but has served less than a quarter of that sentence. She was convicted in 2001 of first-degree murder, use of a firearm, carjacking and kidnapping in the death of 23-year-old Kevin “John” Ruska Jr.

Ruska's family, including his sister, are calling for justice "all over again," reported CBS.

“I can’t understand why this is happening at all. I always felt responsible for him, I’m the older sister,” said Dena Love.

The family said they still don't know why John was murdered. In 1998, he was put in the trunk of his car where he was shot in the abdomen and then taken to a motel to die.

Prison officials reportedly have not offered an explanation as to why the murderer was chosen for release, and there was no opportunity for the victim's family to fight it.

California prisons and jails, like many across the country, have stated they are releasing inmates to reduce the number of people inside to help fight the spread of the coronavirus. Typically these inmates are said to be convicted or accused of non-violent crimes, however.