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Caught on camera: LAPD sergeant saves choking child

The father was frantic while holding the lifeless body of his daughter. That's when Sgt. Bumjin Kim stepped up in a big way.

LOS ANGELES — A toddler in Los Angeles is recovering after a life-threatening choking incident last week.

That's thanks to the quick action from a sergeant at the Los Angeles Police Department who was in the right place at the right time.

WARNING: Some viewers could find the video and report disturbing.

In police bodycam footage, the child's frantic father was carrying his limp daughter in his arms as he was running across the street. That's when he flagged down Sgt. Bumjin Kim.

"Please, please I don't know what's wrong with her," the father said.

Kim was on patrol last Wednesday when he saw and heard the cries for help. He radioed in as he grabbed the girl to try to save her life.

The 3-year-old girl was unconscious and wasn't breathing.

Editor's Note: The video above refers to the sergeant as Dumjin Kim. His correct name is Bumjin Kim.

During the next few heart-stopping moments, he was able to save the child's life using his first aid training. He hit her on her back until she coughed up whatever it was that she was choking on.

"What does she have? Something came out," Kim can be heard saying in the bodycam video.

The girl then started breathing again.

"The whole incident ... 45 seconds, a minute, whatever it was ... but my big thing at the time was getting the paramedics there and it didn't hit really me at about what's going on until got they got there and there was a sigh of relief once the baby started breathing and crying," Kim said.

Kim has a 3-year-old child, too.

"I spoke to the dad and ... he was grateful. We shared a hug. I think it was a sigh of relief for both of us as fathers," Kim said.

Kim has a teddy bear for the girl when he sees her again.

The girl was taken to an area hospital and was reportedly in stable condition.

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