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Texas Rep. Al Green joins 9 other Democrats to boycott President Trump's State of the Union

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be among a group of at least 10 Democrats who will skip the State of the Union on the eve of the Senate impeachment trial vote.

At least 10 House Democrats plan to boycott President Donald Trump's State of the Union address on Tuesday night. 

While the majority of lawmakers plan to attend, as of early Tuesday evening, the following Democrats have opted against going to the annual address to Congress: Rep. Al Green (Texas), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York), Rep. Ayanna Pressley (Mass.), Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.), Rep. Bennie Thompson (Miss.), Rep. Bobby Rush (Ill.), Rep. Steve Cohen (Tenn.), Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Ore.), Rep. Hank Johnson (Ga.), Rep. Frederica Wilson (Fla.) 

In a series of tweets, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she would "not use my presence at a state ceremony to normalize Trump's lawless conduct & subversion of the Constitution." 

"None of this is normal, and I will not legitimize it. Consequently, I will not be attending the State of the Union, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. 

Congressman Al Green, who was one of the first lawmakers to call for Trump's impeachment, tweeted that because of Trump the House, Senate and State of the Union "are divided." 

Congresswoman Maxine Waters tweeted that she would "certainly NOT be there!"

According to The Hill, at least six House Democrats boycotted Trump's address last year. 

In explaining her choice to boycott, Rep. Ayanna Pressley tweeted that the "State of the Union is hurting because of the occupant of the White House who consistently demonstrates contempt for the American people, contempt for Congress & contempt for our constitution." 

Rep. Bennie Thompson also tweeted out his plans to skip listening to "this impeached President lie." 

Rep. Bobby Rush said in a statement that he respects the "Office of the President but I do not in any way respect Donald J. Trump."

"It would be painfully hypocritical of me to endure 90 minutes of unrelenting lies and all types of distortions and untruths, while at the same time watching his Republican apologists cheer. I cannot honor this man in any way,” he said.

According to The Hill, this will be the third year in a row that Cohen, Blumenauer and Wilson have boycotted Trump's address. 

Congressman Hank Johnson tweeted out his decision, quoting what fellow Georgia congressman John Lewis had to say about Trump three years ago, calling him "not a legitimate president." 

Rep. Lewis has boycotted Trump's speech previously, but has yet to confirm whether he'll skip it again this year.