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Rare bulldog stolen in Illinois tracked down in Los Angeles

A woman apparently picked the dog up and walked out of a suburban Chicago pet store with it - ruining a local family's Christmas.

A dog that was stolen from an Illinois pet store is on its way home after being tracked down in Los Angeles.

In December, the blue merle English bulldog puppy made Chicago headlines when a woman apparently picked it up and walked out of a suburban pet store with the dog.

The dog was a planned Christmas surprise for a Naperville, Ill. family, and they had planned on taking it home the night it was stolen.

Credit: LAPD
A police officer stands with a bulldog that was dognapped from a pet store in suburban Chicago, then later tracked down to Los Angeles.

The suspect was captured on a video that aired on the local TV stations, and the store issued a press release saying  “an extreme but very specific breakdown in the [theft prevention] procedure” allowed her to escape with the dog.

Saturday, Los Angeles PD tweeted they had found the dog and were going to send it home!

NBC Chicago reported Naperville police officers worked with LAPD to follow a suspect’s social media accounts and track down the dog. The station said the dognapping is believed to be a part of a larger theft ring.

The dog is a rare color, according to the pet store, but is microchipped.

LAPD said in a tweet the dog will head back to suburban Chicago, but did enjoy the sunny Southern California weather and a tour of the station.