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NASA looking for study participants to stay in a Russian lab for 8 months

As the coronavirus pandemic has much of the world under strict lockdown measures, NASA is looking to study those effects in relation to a grueling mission to Mars.

WASHINGTON — NASA is looking for U.S. citizens who are willing to live in isolation for 8 months as part of a study to understand the challenges astronauts may face on long-duration missions.

NASA researchers are hoping the project can help them develop methods and tools for astronauts to deal with confinement and social isolation issues on future missions to the Moon and Mars.

Participants must be proficient in English and Russian as they will be living in isolation with an international crew at a facility in Moscow, Russia for eight months. 

It's all part of NASA's Human Research Program (HRP) which studies ways to improve safety and productivity in humans during space travel. 

Credit: NASA and the Institute for Biomedical Problems
NASA is seeking U.S. citizens willing to live in isolation for 8 months as part of a study to understand challenges astronauts may face on long-duration missions.

Part of the study will focus on performing scientific research while in long-term isolation. Study participants will be performing robotic operations and using virtual reality. 

NASA said applicants should be 30-55 years old and have either an M.S., M.D. or a PhD, or have completed military officer training. If an applicant has a Bachelor's degree, along with other certain qualifications like specialized professional experience, they could also be acceptable candidates. 

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/NASA

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It's all in an effort to help NASA prepare for the grueling real-life challenges that would come with a long mission to Mars. Participants will be compensated for their time and work during this study

If you'd like to apply to participate in this project which NASA is describing as a "unique adventure," visit NASA's application website at https://www.nasa.gov/analogs/want-to-participate to learn more and apply. 

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