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Three-legged bear breaks into Florida home, chugs White Claws

Tripod made its way to the fish food before turning its attention to the fridge, where it snagged a couple of White Claws to quench its thirst.

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida — A three-legged bear was caught red-handed drinking on the job.

The bear, affectionately known as "Tripod," was in full-on party mode when it broke into a home in an Orlando suburb last weekend.

Tripod ripped its way inside and went straight for the fish food. After the meal, it took it to the bar.

Joseph Diglio, 13, was watching TV when the family's dog Bruno let him know something was going on outside.

"Oh, my God, there's a literal bear in our patio," Joseph Diglio told Orlando television station WESH. "I've never been this close to a bear."

Bears breaking into houses in Florida isn't unusual, but Tripod's drink of choice was a bit surprising.

"He went over here to the fridge and got two White Claws," Diglio said.

Tripod's favorite flavors? Mango and strawberry.

"He just opened the door ... he's about to take the beer ... he's about to take the beer," Diglio said.

While the family was impressed with the bear's ability to open the refrigerator, they also said they were kind of concerned.

"Once I saw him open the fridge I got scared that he could open the doors to, like, the houses," Diglio said.

Ultimately, Bruno's bark scared Tripod away.

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