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Drivers record avalanches barreling toward Colorado interstate

Two avalanches came crashing down a mountain on a Colorado interstate near Denver Sunday.

Heavy snow triggered two avalanches near Denver Sunday. Two drivers posted video of the slides, with one having to pull over because he was shaking so badly.

One slide was caught on camera barreling toward cars caught in traffic on Interstate 70 near Copper Mountain, which is about two hours west of Denver.

According to the person who took the video, most of the snow in that avalanche did not make it to the road and no one was injured. 

A second slide happened in the same general vicinity later in the day. Troopers say no vehicles were buried in the slide and nobody was hurt.

A driver named Will shot video of one of the avalanches in his mirror. He was shaken and had to pull over. (Warning: Graphic language)

Avalanche danger on Sunday was extremely high, with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center issuing an Avalanche Warning through Monday morning.  

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