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Cute alert! Webcam shows baby bald eagle being cared for by parent

Webcam video shot Friday shows a bald eagle feeding their newly-hatched chick in a snowy California nest.

A bald eagle chick has hatched in a snowy nest in the Southern California mountains. Friends of Big Bear Valley, which operates a webcam, says the chick was born Thursday afternoon.

Video shot the camera on Friday shows the eagle pair, a male named Shadow and a female named Jackie, caring for the chick. It appears one of the eagles is feeding the chick.

The egg was laid on January 22. A second egg that was laid on January 25 may hatch in a few days.

Last year, the pair also laid two eggs, but neither chick survived.

The nest is in a pine tree about 145 feet above the ground. Friends of Big Bear Valley said on its website that a biological tree-climber was hired to install the camera because that person had the knowledge of how to climb trees without damaging the tree or its habitats.

Bald eagle facts

  • Scientific name: Haliaeetus leucocephalus
  • Average life span in the wild: 28 years
  • Adult male length: About 3 feet
  • Adult male wingspan: 6.6 feet
  • Adult female length: About 6.5 feet
  • Adult female wingspan: 8 feet
  • Weight: 6.5 to 14 pounds
  • Nests: About 5 feet wide, but some older nests can be twice that
  • How long for eggs to hatch: A little more than a month
  • Both males and females handle incubating eggs and feeding young
  • Only eagle native solely to North America
  • U.S. national bird since 1782

Eagle facts sources: National Geographic, Britannica

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