Keurig Dr Pepper, the company that makes Peñafiel bottled water, has announced it will be pulling the water from stores, after a report found it was one of two brands with high arsenic levels.  

The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) said independent testing found levels of arsenic in the Peñafiel bottled water brand and the Starkey Water brand were high enough that California law requires the companies to include a health warning. 

Keurig Dr Pepper said in a statement Friday that the "voluntary withdrawal" of its Peñafiel bottled water was "due to the presence of "violative levels of arsenic."  

Peñafiel is currently sold at Target, Walmart and other retailers, according to USA TODAY. 

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"Arsenic when present in the diet at very high levels, well above those detected in recent samples of Peñafiel, is associated with numerous chronic diseases," the company statement read.

The company said the voluntary withdrawal covers all unflavored Peñafiel mineral spring water products and consumers can return the products to where they purchased it for a full refund. 

Keurig Dr Pepper also explained that it has recently installed "enhanced filtration systems" at the facilities that produce the Peñafiel bottled water and it's now "well within regulatory guidelines." The company told Consumer Reports it had temporarily suspended production at its Mexico plant in April to improve the filtration. 

A spokesperson for Whole Foods, which owns Starkey - the other brand called out in the report for high arsenic levels, told USA TODAY the bottled water complies with FDA standards for heavy metals.