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80-year-old twins celebrate birthday with 103-year-old mother in Brunswick

Most of us hope to reach our 80th birthday. A few can hope to celebrate it with close loved ones. 80-year-old twins in Brunswick are doing just that Friday, by ringing in another year alongside their mother.

Most mothers can only dream of being able to celebrate their children's 80th birthday. 103-year-old Helen Mosher did just that Friday, ringing in another year for her 80-year-old twins.

At the Sunnybrook Village, David Mosher and his twin sister Winnie Mosher Merrill got together on Friday, Jan. 4, to celebrate their birthday with their mother, Helen Mosher.

Helen is 103 years old. She prayed before the celebratory lunch Friday at Sunnybrook Senior Village blessing the family and the country.

Helen has 79 descendants.

And if you ever thought that age and wisdom could quell a mother's worry for her children, think again. Helen says she still worries about her kids.

Helen enjoys watching baseball and keeping a scoreboard during the game which makes her a perfect mother-in-law for former Yankee Manager Stump Merrill. However, Helen says her favorite player is "that handsome Andrew Benintendi of the Boston Red Sox. "

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