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Man on the mend after suffering shark bite off Crystal Beach

The shark bit the victim on the thigh, just above the knee. A photo from the Galveston County Sheriff's Office shows several deep bite marks.

BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas — GALVESTON, Texas - A man who was bitten by a shark off Crystal Beach on Thursday is still recovering at UTMB.

Blaine Shelton, 42, told KHOU 11 on Friday he will stay at the hospital for the next several days as he finishes a course of antibiotics.

Shelton was swimming off Crystal Beach Thursday when he said he saw a bull shark about 300 yards away from him.

He said he saw it swimming toward him and then it chased him down before biting his leg.

Experts say bull sharks are known to be aggressive and territorial.

The bite was on his thigh and was non-life threatening. He was rushed to the hospital and reportedly told paramedics: "The shark bumped me. Then he wanted to taste me."

When asked if the bite hurt when it happened, Shelton said there was so much adrenaline in his blood, he didn't feel the pain until later.

A shark attacked a man off Crystal Beach and left him with several deep bite marks just above his knee. (Galveston County Sheriff's Office)

He had been swimming off a sand bar near Stingray Road when it happened. After he was attacked, witnesses flagged down a deputy patrolling the beach.

Crystal Beach (Photo by Alice Jensen)

A graphic photo from the Galveston County Sheriff's Office shows several deep bite marks.

Other beachgoers think they saw the shark lurking in the water.

"We were out there boogie boarding and I saw a big dark shadow in the water and I didn't really think nothing about it until we heard there was a shark attack," said Brooke Perry, a tourist.

Deputies and beach patrol went up and down the shore, warning everyone that there had been an attack.

"I'm not going into the water," said one woman.

Others were more matter-of-fact.

"You know when you get in the water you become part of the food chain."

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