NEW CANEY, Texas — A long-awaited water park in New Caney that has experienced years of delays is expected to open this month. The Big Rivers Waterpark and Adventures at Grand Texas is slated to open for its first season May 25, and it’s seeking to hire more than 500 seasonal and year-round employees, according to its developer.

Last year, Grand Texas made a similar announcement regarding a June 2018 opening. Grand Texas began to hire employees and sell tickets before a series of delays pushed back Big Rivers’ grand opening to 2019. Customers who bought season passes in 2018 were told they could use those passes when the park opens in 2019 or receive a refund, KHOU reported in August.

“I've never built a waterpark before,” developer Monty Galland said in a recent interview with the Houston Business Journal. “If there's anyone to blame, it's me. We hired a lot of people. We spent a lot of money. For the most part, we kept most of the management staff, and they worked all the way through winter, making this a better park and figuring out ways to make it operate more efficiently.”

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