HOUSTON — A landmark of sorts in the Galleria area is now shut down, apparently for good -- and that’s making a lot of people happy.

The Zone d’Erotica has been in operation for years right next to Dillard’s along the 610 Loop near Westheimer.

The store that described itself as “a luxury lingerie and adult novelty boutique” is no longer in operation at that location.

"I did not frequent the establishment. I'm not saying I’m a goody two shoes or anything, but I just didn't feel comfortable around here,” said Jim Scarborough, a Houstonian who happened to be driving by.

The building has been emptied and vandals have clearly had their way with the place.

We did chance upon one man who was disappointed to see it closed down, as he was looking to buy something for his wife and himself.

“I may have to Google lingerie or maybe go to Victoria's Secret," said Kent Acord.

But if you talk to people who shop or work in the Galleria area, the Zone d’Erotica stuck out like a sore thumb.

"I think it’s good that it’s leaving. There are a lot of kids in the area, and they could go into that store and not know and their parents are not here to supervise,” said Elizabeth Downs who works in the area.

For many Houstonians, this building brings back memories of a place where you could get great food. It was once a Roy Rogers. It was also Luke’s Hamburgers at one point.

Those who never thought it was an appropriate location for buying lingerie and sex toys can now look forward to the big change.

The Harris County Clerk’s Office told us the property was sold back in May. Late this week, we learned a Velvet Taco will open its fourth location in Houston at the former Zone d'Erotica spot.


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