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It's true: Facebook is paying users. Here's how you claim your cash

You're eligible if you used Facebook anytime from May 2007 to December 2022.


True or false?

Facebook settled a lawsuit for hundreds of millions of dollars.

It's true. $725 million to be exact.

True or false?

Due to the settlement, Facebook is having to pay users, meaning you could get money.This money is from a lawsuit settlement out of California. The class action lawsuit claimed Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica and other third parties to access private user information and mislead users about privacy practices. 

It's true. You could get money. The only way to get the money is to fill out a claim form.

"A lot of people are eligible for this and this is if you happened to use Facebook in the U.S. between May 2007 and December 2022 then you might get a piece of this settlement, even though it might not be that much,” said Cordilia James of The Wall Sreet Journal.

We don't know how much you'll get,  but it's more than you have right now, so why not? You can expect a payment sometime after September.

This is the claim form. It's pretty straightforward. You're asked for your name, address, and current email address. All of these fields are required.

You'll be asked for the email address associated with your Facebook account, and the phone number. and the username of your page (which is probably not just your name, so go to your account settings to find it)

You can get your payment by prepaid MasterCard, PayPal, Venmo, direct deposit into your bank account, or Zelle. You can even get a paper check mailed to you.  

You have to fill out the claim form by August 25, 2023, to get the payout.


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