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Wondering what to do in a fender bender? Get off the freeway

The average driver will crash their car once every 20 years, which means, it’s bound to happen.

HOUSTON — Getting involved in an accident is already bad enough, but what many drivers don’t realize is how easily that accident can go from frustrating to fatal.

It’s estimated that the average driver will crash their car once every 20 years, which means, it’s bound to happen. That’s just our luck.

But if you’re not careful, or even quick about getting yourself out of harm’s way, especially if you’re on a highway, that accident can go from dangerous to deadly.

It happened back in November. Two men got into a minor accident on the South Loop. They both got out of their cars in the middle of the freeway to check the damage when a Chevy truck, who didn’t see them, slammed into their cars, killing them both.

Houston police are begging you not to do that.

“Move those vehicles off the freeway. Get them over to the emergency shoulder, or better yet, get off the freeway," HPD Commander Kenneth Campbell said.

It’s that simple: Get out of the way.

But Campbell also said he understands it may not always be that easy.

“Let's say it’s (the vehicle) not drivable anymore, and then obviously you're going to have to wait for emergency first responders to come to help you get off the freeway," Campbell said.

If that’s the case, wait inside your car. And if your car's on fire, move somewhere safe – even behind the concrete barrier if you can.

“You don’t want to be standing around your car, on your phone, waiting and standing in the middle of traffic or in between cars," Campbell said.

His top three tips:

  1. Check your health and your safety. If you’re not safe, move.
  2. Call 911 if you need to.
  3. Take pictures of everything - vehicle damage, drivers licenses and insurance.


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