HOUSTON — The woman believed to have been killed while caught in the middle of a road-rage dispute in west Harris County earlier this month was buried Saturday afternoon.

Saron James, 62, was shot in the head as her husband was driving home from a doctor's appointment.

Cleveland James says he thought he heard fireworks while driving along Old Greenhouse Road, then turned to his wife and saw she had been shot.

"There are many people who will remember her for her many acts of kindness, her gentleness, but she was very firm, she was no wimp, no pushover," said Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker. "But she had a heart of gold, always touched by the needs of others with a certain amount of tenderness."

Saron James was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and had 11 siblings. She moved to the United States, was married and had one daughter.

The Caribbean country’s deputy prime minister says she was like a daughter to him.

“It seems to me that it’s no great puzzle that we see these kinds of things time and time again and and we ask ourselves, ‘Why?'" Straker said. "The simple reason is we have to come to grips with violence, crime, murder, easy access to guns is something that the nation has to come to grips with. We cannot go on like this.”

Earlier this week Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies identified Tekoney Blackledge, 19, as James' suspected killer. 

Deputies say the teen lives in the area of the shooting but he has still not been caught.

The HCSO is looking for Tekoney Blackledge, 19, charged with murder for the death of 62-year-old Saron James.
The family of a woman shot and killed on her way home from the doctors in Northwest Harris County, is begging the suspect to turn himself in.