Police have identified and charged two suspects accused of shooting guns from a moving car in a Snapchat video

According to charging documents, 29-year-old Michael Anthony Cuellar and 27-year-old Sierra Tarbutton have been charged with deadly conduct for allegedly discharging a firearm.

On Monday, police say Tarbutton was taken into custody at her mothers home.Cuellar remains at large, but it expected to turn himself in on Tuesday.

"There were some abandoned buildings that were alleged to have been shot at, that's what I've heard," said her attorney. "I think deadly conduct is overblown."

Old mugshots of Snapchat shooting video suspects

On Thursday, the Houston Police Department confirmed it was “actively investigating” the viral video.

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One video shows a man firing a pistol at what appear to be homes in the background, many of which were recently flooded by Hurricane Harvey. Two other separate posts show a woman holding and shooting a larger gun along Highway 6 south of Memorial Drive.

Charging documents state Cuellar goes by the name "Money Mike" and is a local drug dealer and rapper. They also state Tarbutton has threatened a public servant in the past.

A judge denied Tarbutton bail in part because she had a prior arrest.