MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – A Willis woman is back home and safe after she says she was lost in the Sam Houston National Forest for about 15 hours.

Sherry Sibley says she and her dog went out hiking on Tuesday but they got lost on the woods. She says at first she tried to find her own way out, but when it got dark around 8 p.m. she started calling for help.

“We went down to the creek, and it was winding all around, and it just got twisted around and we couldn’t find our way back,”

She says her phone kept dying on her, but she managed to through to her dad, who then called 911 for her.

Montgomery County Search and Rescue was able to trace her phone location and found the woman and her dog safe around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.

“It’s wonderful, I mean I felt kind of bad, I won’t get lost again, but it was a lesson learned,” she said.

She says she was bitten by mosquitos but otherwise was in good condition.

In fact she was able to get back in her pickup, which she had parked near the woods, and drove herself home.