HOUSTON - The video is bad enough to make very animal lover's blood boil.

A League City woman in her 80s was caught on camera throwing her neighbor's dog into a trash can.

"I'm honestly outraged," said Amanda, the dog's owner.

To Amanda, her dog, Bentley, is like her child.

"In a trash can, in the middle of the day, a hot, closed, confined space, there's no need for a dog to be put in a place like that," she said.

The incident was captured on a neighbor's home surveillance cameras. Bentley tries to pop out of the trash, but the woman then grabs a recycling bin to really close him in.

"To be completely honest, I just think she's a spiteful old lady," said Brandon, Amanda's husband.

It's the latest chapter in a neighborhood feud between Amanda, Brandon and the couple's elderly neighbor.

They have been at odds for years over fencing and the dogs. That afternoon, Bentley had managed to escape the yard underneath the wired fence, but Amanda never expected her little guy would end up discarded like trash.

"The fact that her answer to this was to put a seven pound dog and put him in a trash can, it's rather cruel or no thought at all, either way it's ridiculous," said Amanda.

Bentley is okay thanks to another neighbor who watched it all unfold on her camera system.

League City Police say the woman who threw the dog in the trash, pulled him out when she realized she was being filmed.

The Galveston County District Attorney's Office says the woman won't be charged.

Amanda and Brandon said now they just want to pack up and find a new home where their pets will be safe.

"It's one thing to think she doesn't like my dog, it's another thing to think that my dog was put in a trash can for an hour or 2 or whatever it was," said Amanda.

KHOU 11 News tried speaking to the woman in the video, but she refused to speak to us on camera.

League City Police say the woman may suffer from some mental health issues so they're working to provide her with the help she may need.