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Cat burned in the Marshall Fire found on porch of only home left standing in neighborhood

Merlin the cat's human, Camden Hall, didn't recognize his own cat, but a microchip confirmed it was him.

SUPERIOR, Colo. — Not everyone believes in magic, but Camden Hall, and his mom, Sally, are grateful to be under Merlin's spell. 

"Hi Merlin," said Sally.

"My baby, meow" said Cam, taking his nine-year-old cat into his arms. 

Merlin is staying at the Northside Emergency Pet Clinic in Westminster while he recovers from burns on his face and paws that he suffered in the Marshall Fire. 

“Merlin has lived up to his namesake, little wizard, little magician," said Sally, who flew in when she heard her son was impacted by the wildfire. 

Cam was working at Eldora Mountain on Thursday when his landlord called him around 6:30 p.m. 

"So I pulled off to the side of the trail so I could take a call and that’s when my landlord told me it was just all gone," he said. 

In those moments, he couldn't remember if he had left the sliding glass door open for Merlin, like he sometimes does. 

He must have, because late Thursday night, an animal rescue group found Merlin on the porch of the only home still standing on the block. 

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Credit: KUSA/Mike Grady

“I can’t imagine what he saw through his little kitty eyes," said Cam. "It had to have been quite terrifying. I was like 99% sure that I had left the sliding glass door open, however I remember opening it closing – and I was like, 'Wait did I open it again?'"

At first, Cam didn't recognize his own cat. But, the microchip confirmed it was Merlin.

Update: We spoke to the vet hospital today and Merlin has a long road ahead. Some of his skin is sloughing off(...

Posted by Soul Dog Rescue on Friday, December 31, 2021

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"That was just when it went from straight hopelessness loss, to nothing but joy and happiness and being fulfilled," said Cam. 

Merlin is badly burned, but he has more lives in him yet. A GoFundMe created by Cam's friend has raised more than $14K for medical bills. 

“I think since he’s a magician, magical Merlin, he’s probably got more than nine," said Cam.

Cam posted on Boulder County Fire Lost & Found Pets to share his joy, and give others a little hope too. 

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley has a database on missing and found animals, and is encouraging pet owners to check their database, and file missing animal reports with them. 

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