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'Concert nights get wild' | Neighbors next to White Oak Music Hall say parking is a constant concern

“The obvious thing is I worry about emergency vehicles. Can an ambulance get through here? Can a fire truck get through here?” one neighbor said.

HOUSTON, Texas — Nights at White Oak Music Hall can get wild, and we're not talking about inside the venue.

"There’s honking. There’s congestion of traffic," neighbor Leah Yancey said.

For Yancey, getting in and out of her home on concert night takes special planning. 

“We’ll look up the schedule online to see who’s playing. If my significant other or I are home, we will put out cones if the other one is going to be late or coming in, that way we have a parking spot," Yancey said. 

From Yancey’s home, across Highway 45 is White Oak Music Hall, where on certain nights the line wraps around the block with people, and the neighborhoods become compact with cars.

“It really becomes a one-way street. And the congestion is so difficult that there’s a lot of standoff between vehicles going the opposite directions," one neighbor who did not want to be identified said. 

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For some, it's creating real concern. 

“The obvious thing is I worry about emergency vehicles. Can an ambulance get through here? Can a fire truck get through here?” said a neighbor.

ParkHouston sends officers out regularly to monitor the neighborhoods around the concert venue, where some of the streets have resident permit parking only.

“Which restricts some of the streets over there for residents only during evening hours when they have events," Assistant Director of ParkHouston Maria Irshad said. 

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Anyone without that resident permit gets a ticket or towed. ParkHouston says they’ve beefed up patrols around White Oak recently. 

“We have to enforce in multiple areas, not just in one. And so we stretch our resources as much as we can," Irshad said. 

White Oak Music Hall says they provide several hundred parking spots for guests, and encourage attendees to rideshare, carpool or take the METRO. Despite this, they say concert-goers still park on the streets, but they encourage residents to have illegally parked vehicles towed. 

And while not everyone minds the concert chaos, Kellie Jordan wishes there was a little more control. 

“I think the concert venue is great. We love being in walking distance of it and going down there and watching a show ourselves," Jordan said. “I would love if somehow the city or the venue could manage a one-way street during times like this.”

White Oak Music Hall says they’re also working to improve the pedestrian corridor along North Main to encourage more use of the MERTO rail.

Click here if you would like more information on the city's Resident Permit Parking Program.

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