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What does Dow make at its Bayport facility?

The company's Houston operations are centered on 129 acres neighboring La Porte, Pasadena and Deer Park.

LA PORTE, Texas — Bayport is a massive industrial district that’s technically in Harris County, but is neighbored by La Porte, Deer Park and Pasadena. It’s also right next to the Houston Ship Channel.

Bayport covers 12 square miles. That breaks down to 7,680 acres of which 129 are home to Dow Chemical’s Houston operations.

According to the company’s website, the property features six manufacturing facilities serving two of Dow’s Global Business Groups. It employs 225 people, along with another 150 contractors. Dow’s Houston site also produces 1 billion pounds of products each year.

What does Dow make at Bayport? The company says it focuses on building and construction, polyurethanes and elastomers and specialties at Bayport.

Polyurethanes are plastic polymers that are used in just about everything -- from spray foam to Spandex to tires. 

Elastomers are rubbery materials or synthetic rubbers. They can be used in anything that needs a little flexibility.

To make all that, Dow has a number of chemicals onsite, including hydroxyethyl acrylate, which is what leaked on July 21.