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Zombie trees still a problem across Houston months after brutal Texas winter

They could be lurking in your neighborhood park or even backyard. Here's how to spot them.

Halloween might be over, but there's still something spooky lurking around Bear Creek Pioneers Park. What is it? Zombies!

No, not those zombies from your favorite horror movie. The living dead I'm talking about comes in the form of trees.

What are zombie trees

"A zombie tree would be something that is dead or alive or a combination of the two; or just undead, and we just don't know it," Arborist Curt Smith with Davey Tree Expert Company .

We've told you about zombie trees before, they were a big problem in the wake of the February Freeze. But months later, arborists are still finding them lurking across Houston. It turns out these zombie trees aren't always easy to spot.

Smith brought KHOU 11 reporter Michelle Choi out hunting or zombie trees, so you could learn how to spot the most common signs.

"Mushrooms at the base of the tree. Any kind of sap or any type of excrement coming out of the bark. Cracks in the bark. Cavities. Broken limbs, thin canopy, loss of leaves, loss of limbs," Smith said.

He said a quick knock can also tell you if you've got a sick tree. It's should sound strong and resilient, knocking around the tree, it's easy to notice area that sound hollow when struck.

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Why are zombie trees dangerous

Now some of you might be thinking so I've got a few dead trees, what's the big deal. Well, here's why you should care.

"If you think about it, you've got a dead tree, and it's a big giant heavy limb over a house or the whole tree is over a street, driveway, cars, pool, people, it could be a potential liability," Smith

If you're still unsure, whether you have a problem on your property, Smith said it's best to call in a professional.

With winter fast approaching, if you don't want to get caught in a scary situation, experts say now's a good time to get rid of those zombie trees.

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