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'We’re looking for a lost aircraft' | Air traffic control audio from 767 cargo plane crash in Chambers County

Audio from the air traffic control provides insight into the response to the crash.

CHAMBERS COUNTY, Texas — KHOU 11 has obtained the air traffic control audio from Saturday afternoon's plane crash in Chambers County. It offers some insight into the response to the crash. 

Below is a transcript of that audio: 

12:30 p.m. Good afternoon Giant 3591. 17-8 descending via the link and (inaudible)

12:34 p.m. “There’s a little bit of light, well now it’s showing light to heavy precipitation, just west of it looks like VAN, and it is  moving eastbound, so once you get in closer if we need to go vectors around it, we’ll be in route (inaudible)

12:36 p.m. “(inaudible) 91, we’ll go on the west side (control) the only problem we have with that right now is there’s a bunch of departures departing right at you (pilot and control talk over each other)

12:29 p.m. “91-Houston approach..” (controller calling for aircraft)

12:40 p.m. “Are you picking up any ELT’s (emergency locator transmitters or distress signal) right now?”

12:41 p.m. “Did you pick up an ELT at all ahead if you would”

12:57 p.m. (control talking to another plane) “See if you can make ground contact, we’re looking for a lost aircraft.. about your 11 o’clock and two miles, it was a heavy Boeing 767 (pilotf other aircraft) 6090, no ground contact from here”

12:58 p.m. (control to another aircraft) “514-See if you can make ground contact, we’re looking for a heavy Boeing 767 about 11 o’clock and 7 miles (pilot) roger”

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