DICKINSON, Texas — A La Marque man whose truck was stolen from outside a Dickinson business on Thursday said his only concern is getting his beloved dog back that was inside.

For 6 years, 46-pound husky-shepherd rescue mix named Maximillian has been attached to Greg Lahner’s hip.

“He’s been my full-time companion,” Lahner said. “From the time I walk out of my bedroom in the morning until I go into it at night, he’s with me everywhere.”

On Thursday, for the first night since Max has been in the family, his dog bed is empty.

Lahner took his grandkids to a martial arts studio Thursday morning in the 3400 block of the Gulf Freeway in Dickinson. It’s a place the family has been going to for two years.

As he usually is, Max was in tow sleeping in the back seat of Lahner’s 2002 tan Toyota Tundra. He left the truck running so Max would have air conditioning. At some time between 11:10 a.m. and 11:50 a.m., someone stole his truck with Max inside.

Looking back, Lahner realizes he should not have left the car running and admits he got complacent because he felt safe at the location.

“It’s like family. You’re spending so much time up there all the time and you feel like everybody knows you...everybody knows your vehicle. You just know it couldn’t happen...well, that was stupid.”

Houston Police located the truck near Edgewood Thursday night near the Cabo San Lucas Apartments, but no Max.

Max does have a microchip. Lahner hopes whoever took Max or whoever finds him takes him to a shelter or veterinarian to get scanned.

“We just don’t want him harmed," he said. "All I want him to do is take him somewhere where they can get him back to me. He’s got a chip he’s got a tag on his collar...we just want him back."