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'It floods when the rains come' | Katy-area residents say they're trapped in their neighborhood when it rains

Residents say they're concerned they can't get in or out of their neighborhood when it rains.

WALLER COUNTY, Texas — The incoming rain won't be severe, but it's enough to worry residents in a fairly new subdivision in the Katy area.

They said the street to the neighborhood floods every time it rains, leaving them stranded. 

The residents believe the problem started when they began the construction of Clay Road. This two-lane road has the old road much higher than the new road and residents said they don’t know why.

Although they might not have MUD taxes in the new LakeHouse subdivision, the homes these people bought came with a lot of mud.

"It floods when the rains come," said Bryan Parks, a concerned resident in the Lake House subdivision. 

Because of the drought, residents hadn’t really noticed the problem. That is until last week.

"We really have only had two rains. So we are two for two," said Parks. 

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They say the new construction that started this year has caused Clay Road to flood. The problem, the LakeHouse subdivision has two entrances and exits and they both lead back to Clay.

"There are ponds on the other side in the country over there. The road is lower than the ponds," said Parks. 

Last week, residents said the school buses couldn’t even get through to drop off the kids after school.

"By the time it rained the school sent an email saying we can't drop your kids off. So they had to drop them off at another school. Some got off and walked the entire way," said Parks. 

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Residents are concerned if something isn’t done, they'll be stranded when the real storms roll through the area.

"Stuff is going to happen. And if it's flooded during a hurricane or lightning storm, we are going to be in trouble," said Park. "How can safety and emergency vehicles get back to us if need be if there is a flood?"

The Waller County commissioner for this area said he is currently working out a plan with the county roads department to see how they can help these residents.

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