HOUSTON — Sadness surrounded a Midtown street corner on Monday where less than 24 hours earlier, an angry mob savagely beat and fatally shot two people, including a transgender woman.

“I don’t know what to do,” said Leola Thompson, the mother of Shante Thompson, one of the two victims. “I just want him back. I know he’s not coming back. But I just want him back.”

According to police, Shante and her friend Willie Sims were brutally attacked by as many as eight suspects.

“Wherever you saw me, you saw him,” said Shante’s former roommate Patrick Riggins, who saw it all happen. He said Sims took a bullet for Shante and then the attack moved across the street.

“As they backed up here, they literally barricaded them to a car, hitting them with pipes,” said Riggins. “It was just evil. Everything that was seen by me was literally evil.”

Other witnesses said some of the attackers were also transgender and believed they targeted Shante out of jealousy.

“We need to come together and get past this black on black and black hating on black,” said another transgender woman.

About 25 members of Houston’s transgender community joined with others at a vigil to remember Shante and Sims and to speak out against violence in all its forms.

“Love can conquer all,” said event organizer Dee Dee Watters. “And hopefully the love we can spare tonight can conquer all things.”