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New Caney woman uses hand as toilet plunger, gets stuck

Have a clog? Don’t have a toilet plunger? Don't try this move.

NEW CANEY, Texas – Have a clog? Don’t have a toilet plunger? Don't try this move.

A woman in New Caney, near Houston, found out the hard way to not stick her hand where it didn’t belong – especially while wearing a wrist watch.

She tells KHOU 11 News she didn’t have a plunger for her clogged toilet, so she used her hand.

Gracie Henderson had just moved into her new home, and since she didn’t have a plunger nearby she thought she could fix the clog with a little manhandling, but her watch got stuck!

Firefighters had to remove the toilet, and Gracie, from the home and then destroy the porcelain throne to free her – all while her new neighbors watched.

She’s embarrassed but okay. And she was a good sport about it for sharing the video with KHOU 11.

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