LIVINGSTON, Texas - Cameras closest to the path of a twister in Livingston show the intense wind and whipping rain as the funnel found its way to a family-owned self-storage lot off of Highway 190.

However, the moment this building's roof began ripping off, those cameras cut out, as the storm took out the power.

Gordon Pyle recorded the twister tearing the building apart.

"It was a close call,” Pyle said.

Pyle and a friend were fishing when the weather got bad. The two watched the tornado form.

"We started seeing some clouds swirl, then the next thing you know, it was picking up water off the pond and hit the storage buildings,” Pyle said.

Bent beams and mangled metal, a quite visual reminder of the power of Mother Nature. The roof of this building was completely gone, insulation from inside left dangling from power lines.

This damage was the only destruction this twister left behind. But it is bad weather these two friends won't soon forget.

"It's unreal how in that one little spot, the wind can just be so strong,” Darren Collins said. “It was a weird experience. First time seeing something like that."

The total distance of this tornado isn't very far, less than half a mile. Pyle and Collins say the storm was fast and over pretty quickly.

A team from the National Weather Service will survey the damage in the coming days to determine exactly how strong the twister was.