SPRING – The victim of a murder-for-hire plot claims his ex-wife wanted more than his death and money.

Coach Ramon Sosa rolls with every punch in the gym. He trains kids to hit, bob and weave through tough times. Few understand those lessons better than Sosa.

“If I would have been dead, they would have said he deserved it,” Sosa said. “He was like this. He was like that.”

Maria “Lulu” Sosa was his wife and co-founder of The Woodlands boxing gym until she hired an undercover agent to kill Ramon. The two later divorced.

In court, Lulu pleaded guilty to criminal solicitation of murder. Her lawyer said evidence left them no choice.
Sosa will serve between 5 and 20 years in a state prison.

Photos shared by sources show Ramon’s face made up to look like he’d been shot. Investigators staged his death and took photos for their agent to show Lulu. She smiled, they said.

Prosecutors also had video recordings and text messages from Lulu offering jewelry for murder. In an audio recording obtained by KHOU 11 News, Sosa can be heard in Spanish saying, “If you can kill him, kill him. I don’t care.”

None of it surprised her ex-husband. He once caught Lulu getting estimates on life insurance payouts.

Ramon thinks his ex-wife, who is from Mexico, used him to get money, their business and citizenship for herself and her children.

“All of (our marriage) was a lie,” Ramon Sosa said. “It was all a lie.”

He said Lulu also tried to humiliate him. For months, Lulu told friends, family and Sosa’s boxing sponsors that Ramon abused her, stole money and more.

“She would take pictures of me, pictures of me in bed asleep knocked out then would put empty bottles of rum and beer and alcohol next to my bed to make me look like I was an alcoholic,” he said.

Now, he just wants to move forward and teach others how to do the same.

If the case went to trial, Lulu Sosa faced possible life in prison. Instead, she is eligible for parole after 5 years. However, when released she could be deported.

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