HOUSTON - Although the election process is supposed to be straightforward, we know that’s not always the case, which is why we are verifying your election questions.

Q: “When I ran for city office in the '90s, the position of your name on the ballot was determined by a drawing. So when I voted today, I was struck by the fact all the Republican candidates were at the top of all their races. This doesn't seem fair, since the voting machines jump to the first name after your previous selection. Did something change, because it is hard to believe the Republicans won every drawing?”

A: Fort Bend County Election Administrator John Oldham says the order is set by how each county voted in the previous gubernatorial race. So 4 years ago, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) won Fort Bend County, therefore, all Republican candidates in this general election get listed first on ballot.

Q: “I would like to verify if mail-in ballots get counted. I do mail-in ballot because I am older. I have heard that the mail-in votes do not get counted unless there is a close race? If so, do I need to actually go to the polls to get my vote counted?”

A: According to the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, all mail-in ballots do get counted as part of the general election. However, sometimes those ballots may get counted late if they fall within one of the allowed exceptions to miss the Election Day deadline. For example, military members serving overseas may be allowed extra time to get their votes in. Technically, late mail-in ballots could change the election’s results well after Election Day.

VERIFY: Sources

John Oldham, Fort Bend County Election Administrator

Texas Secretary of State’s Office