HOUSTON — Air Force One is one of the world's most recognizable aircrafts, and it logs a lot of hours in the air with the president.

A viewer asked us to check who foots the bill, and the short answer is you.

Here's what we verified:

U.S Air Force documents show President Donald Trump's travel is expensive. An August 2017 vacation trip to Trump's New Jersey resort included 5.9 hours of flight time at nearly $16,000 per hour, for a total of more than $94,000. 

According to the Congressional Research Service, if the trip is official or personal, taxpayers pay. There are exceptions for political trips where the campaign or party committee pay some of the bill.

President Barack Obama racked up more a more than $114 million travel tab during his 8 years in office. Records show President Trump spent more then $13.5 million on travel in his first year in office.