DEER PARK, Texas — After elevated levels of benzene were detected near the Intercontinental Terminals Company facility in Deer Park, a viewer asked if she should be concerned about her swimming pool water.

Viewer Sarah Dupuis wanted to know if her pool needed to be drained, and she asked how long would it take for benzene to filter out of the pool.

For answers, we went to Rice University professor Daniel Cohen who specializes in environmental engineering and pollutant impacts on human health.

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He said there is no risk of benzene in your background swimming pools - saying the level of benzene in the air did not reach levels high enough or long enough to impact the water.

He added that drinking water was already tested to meet standards as well.

You can drain your pool if you wan to be extra cautious, but Cohan says there is no scientific reason to do so.

So, we can verify that the idea of benzene being in your backyard pool is false.

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