HOUSTON – A scary sounding warning has been making the rounds on Facebook. Have you seen this one?

It claims that criminals are hanging out in Walmart and Home Depot parking lots pretending to sell perfume. However, the paper tester they want you to sniff is laced with drugs designed to knock you out.

Then the crooks can kidnap you rob you or worse.

This has been popping up on a lot of people’s feeds but is it true? Our Verify researchers took a closer look.

Turns out while this warning has been around for a long time, we are talking since 1999, actual cases are harder to find.

The only real report is from the same year but it’s pretty hinky – a woman in Alabama claimed this happened to her in a mall parking lot and the thieves stole $300 of her boss’ money.

But tests showed nothing in her system that could have knocked her out and no arrests were ever made.

Also doctors report that there really are no known drugs that can knock you unconscious with just one sniff.

So we can verify this warning doesn’t pass the smell test and you probably don’t want to share with friends and family.