We know many of you are already putting up the Christmas tree, so are you getting a real one this year? Christmas tree sellers are reportedly dealing with a shortage this year.

Just in time for the holidays there is a rumor spreading on social media that there is a Christmas tree shortage this year.

But is it true?

Our Verify researchers did some digging and found some bad news for all you tree purists out there.

There is a shortage and it goes back to the Big Recession.

Back when the market crashed in 2008 everyone had to economize even Christmas tree farmers. That meant they planted fewer trees.

Now 10 years later we are reaping what they didn't sow.

Suppliers report there will be trees, but you may have to pay more.

And if you do find one for a rock bottom price you could be disappointed. When we started feeling the effects of this Christmas tree shortage last year, there were wide spread reports of people ending up with dead and dying trees.

So we can verify there is a Christmas tree shortage, and if you are keeping it real this Christmas, you might want to pay a little more for your tree.