HUMBLE, Texas - An appearance by injured Texan J.J. Watt was among the rumors a Houston-area charity had to tackle Thursday.

It held a flood relief assistance event. But social media misinformation meant some people had to be turned away.

“I have no dealings with J.J. Watt,” said Millie Garrison with Humble Area Assistance Ministries. “I don’t know him.”

It only took a brief visit to HAAM to verify Watt wasn’t showing up to its flood relief distribution event.

“This is directly for the families affected by the flood,” Garrison said.

Garrison spent the day clearing up confusion on the phone, through e-mail, and in person where the event was held.

“With need, people want to help and so they send information out,” Garrison said. “Unfortunately, some of it is true and some of it is not true.”

Rumors were rampant on sites like One post mentioned the J.J. Watt Foundation by name and claimed flood victims could receive up to $5,000 in relief.

Garrison confirmed no money would be given out on site and that applicants would need proper flood damage documentation. They would also need to be from a certain area the agency services.

Additionally, money distributed by HAAM was not directly tied to the J.J. Watt Foundation.

“Basically, it’s just an outreach of the services we do every day,” Garrison said.

She said people desperate for help may more easily fall for misinformation.

We can verify that, once again, you need to be wary of what’s shared on social media.

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