HOUSTON — The race for Mayor Sylvester Turner's seat is heating up as his challengers go on the attack. This time, Bill King is taking a swing at the mayor for allegedly accepting campaign contributions from strip club owners.

Houston mayoral candidate Bill King calls it a "new moral low for our city."

He accuses Mayor Turner of accepting almost $50,000 dollars ($49,800) in campaign donations from the owners.

He put out a list that included owner names, dollar amounts and strip club names. 

To verify, we turned to the City of Houston campaign and Secretary of State Records.  

We can verify the list is real but when you take a closer look at the numbers, the total amount in contributions made by strip club owners, presidents and operators is just over $40,000. 

The biggest donor was the Davari family.

They own Treasures and have donated $17,500 to Mayor Turner's campaign in 2015 and 2017. 

But it's not just owners, close to $10,000 were donated by secretaries, managers and even a housewife associated with strip clubs.

We want to point out that these strip club owners have also made campaign contributions to other politicians in the past. They include former Houston mayor Annise Parker, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez and several Houston council members. 

So we can verify Mayor Turner has accepted donations from sex-oriented businessmen but he's not the only politician to do so.