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VERIFY: Is it legal for employers to take away your phone?

One expert KHOU 11 News spoke with said it is legal as long as the employer doesn't use unlawful force in taking the phone away from the employee.

HOUSTON — A viewer asked KHOU 11 News to verify a question about workplace law.

Yessi V. wrote, “Recently, the place where I work has been demanding that all employees give up their phones once you clock in. They keep it inside their money center and you are only allowed to grab it during break and once you clock out, is that legal?”

It is legal, according to employment law expert Richard Carlson. Carlson a professor at the South Texas College of Law.

“Yes, as long as the employer didn’t use unlawful force in taking the phone away from the employee,” he said.

Carlson said your boss can’t open your phone, either.

Because most people are employed at will, experts said employers can change demands of a job from one day to the next.

Therefore, KHOU can verify an employer can make you give up your phone at work.