A viewer posted on KHOU's Facebook page what appears to be a Whataburger coupon offering $1 burgers and asked us to verify whether it is real.

The ad claims you can get a burger for only $1 this Saturday.

Our Verify team called company headquarters in San Antonio, and the media contact said the coupon is fake. In fact, when our fact checkers dug a little deeper, they found the coupon online looks exactly the same as another one, except you can get a $1 Whataburger on March 29 of last year – and that one was also fake.

Whataburger released a statement on its Facebook page Thursday confirming the coupon being circulated on social media is fake:

“We were notified about a fake promotion shared on social media regarding Whataburgers being sold for $1. We are sorry for the confusion, but this promotion is a hoax, and is not associated with Whataburger in any way.”

We hate to say while you can get a delicious Whataburger this Saturday, we can verify it will cost you more than $1.

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