HOUSTON — There’s a photo continuing to spread over social media claiming to show a large caravan of migrant men approaching the U.S.-Mexico border.

The photo shows dozens of men sitting together, with several holding signs displaying messages like, "We are human beings" and "Open the borders."

Many versions have superimposed the text, “See any women or children here?” over the photo and others also include a call to action for a border wall.

So is it legit?

This photo is real, but it was not taken recently, nor was it taken near the U.S.-Mexico border.

It was actually shot in March 2016 in an entirely different hemisphere: the town of Moria in Greece.

On his Twitter page, the photographer, Luigi Scuotto, describes a protest by a group of refugees from Pakistan.

News reports around the same time say a new deal between the EU and Turkey could mean the end of the busy refugee camp in that town and possible deportation for many Pakistanis there.

KHOU can verify while the photo itself is real, the implication that this group of men is heading toward the U.S.-Mexico border is false.