Did your car come with a spare tire?

Oscar Gonzalez wrote to our Verify Team with a question about spare tires after his niece bought a new Jeep at a Houston-area dealership and later realized there was no spare tire.

So, he wanted to know if dealers are required to provide a spare. Our fact checkers decided to take a closer look:

  • According to AAA, 28 percent of all 2017 model year vehicles were sold without a spare.
  • This number is down from 2015, when 36 percent of all vehicles sold didn’t have a spare.
  • BUT it is up significantly from 2005, when that number was just five percent.

So why are car manufactures leaving out the spare? The answer boils down to weight. In order to increase fuel efficiency they are trying to make cars lighter.

In conclusion, we can verify car dealers and car manufacturers are not required to give you a spare.


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