The legendary singer Selena is still a revered figure in Texas, and time has done little to fade her star power for legions of fans.

Our Verify team is checking out a report that got a lot of attention from Selena’s fans on Facebook.

An article claims the star’s murderer, Yolanda Saldivar, has died in prison. But is it true? Our Verify fact checkers did some digging.

The article says Saldivar died from natural causes in the Mountain View Correctional Unit in Gatesville, Texas. Saldivar was the founder of Selena’s fan club but admitted to shooting and killing the Tejano star in 1995. Saldivar was about to be fire for embezzling money.

We spoke to Robert Hurst with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He says Saldivar is alive and well behind bars at Mountain View.

Hurst says the rumor pops up about once a year.

So we can verify this story is false, but it shows you how powerful Selena’s star power remains to this day.

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Robert Hurst, Public Information Officer, Texas Department of Criminal Justice


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