HOUSTON — The KHOU 11 Verify team is verifying questions from viewers about money that was loaned to Mexico in the 1990s under the Clinton administration.

Q: Did President Clinton ever use emergency authority to provide billions of dollars in loans to Mexico? 

A: On January 31, 1995, President Clinton did use his power to bypass Congress and authorized a $20 billion loan to Mexico but he did not declare a national emergency. 

Historians say Clinton made the highly-criticized decision to save Mexico's economy from a likely crash. 

Q: Did Mexico pay the United States back? And if not, can Mexico build the wall with those funds?

A: To verify this, we went to the U.S. Department of Treasury. Mexico did pay the U.S. back in 1997, three years ahead of schedule. Mexico even paid back $1.4 billion in interest at the time.

Since Mexico paid the U.S. back, there are no funds available to pay for a possible wall. 

The Mexican government has also made it clear it will not be paying for a border wall between the two countries.

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