Both adults and children love fidget spinners. But a new warning is out that parents should throw them away immediately.

We’re verifying whether these gadgets contain dangerous amounts of lead and mercury that could kill your kids.

Several websites say you should throw the toys away, especially if they are made in China. So where is this information coming from?

The story originates from a woman named Tamara Rubin. She tested 11 fidget spinners and found two of them with high levels of lead and some mercury. Rubin shared her findings on Facebook.

The study was not done by authorities, like the Consumer Product Commission or the Food and Drug Administration.

Rubin is the founder of Lead Safe America and is an awareness advocate. She is also a documentary filmmaker.

Rubin never claimed that all fidget spinners contain lead or urge parents to throw them away for posing a lethal threat to children.

So, we can verify that some fidget spinners may contain unsafe levels of lead, but articles claiming they all pose a deadly risk to kids is just not true.

So what should you do if you’re concerned about the safety of these devices? Shop at a retailer you know and trust, and buy American, as U.S. companies have to comply with strict safety standards.

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